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Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Hello, anyone who is out there! A very good 'that time of the day' to you! Starting to write a blog was long overdue. I just somehow managed to procrastinate till now(Although, i can come up with a handful of convincing excuses if you want :p ).  Blogging is surely alluring given that I can dispose of all my thoughts without the qualms of straining my relationships with my friends or my immediate social acquaintances. It is surely not right to enforce my rambles into them as if it's their duty to bear with me. On a bigger picture, i think writing can even pave a way to a sort of self discovery. Also, who knows, I might end up finding people who has similar taste! Even the thought of it is encouraging enough! If you are still one of those, who are pondering over whether to start a blog, hope this article might throw some light.

Well, to give a brief introduction about myself, I am a B.Tech Graduate in Electrical Engineering, adequately fitting the description of a 'small-town girl', and have a passion for learning about people, cultures, social systems, and basically everything to know how the world works. That leads to my love of reading(I would happily welcome your suggestions of good books, if you may :) ). And no, just because I am an engineer, does not mean I smoke or drink. It is also not that I immediately start judging people who do so. It is just that i have an understanding with my lungs and liver that I will try my best to avoid any means to abuse them. 
I have not yet decided what my blog will be mainly about. I guess I would write something about everyday life. But anyway, I am surely looking forward to it. ^_^

P.S. I chose the title from a book 'Stargirl' written by Jerry Spinelli. It is in this book that she titles her speech as 'i might have heard a Moa'. In case you are wondering, Moa is an extinct species of flightless birds. It is one of my Favourite books and if you haven't read it, you should really give it a shot! 

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